Why 93% of New Home Buyers Use a REALTOR®: Unveiling the Truth

Why 93% of New Home Buyers Use a REALTOR®: Unveiling the Truth

In today’s real estate market, one might assume that purchasing a new construction home is a straightforward process, without the need for any assistance. However, statistics tell a different story. Despite what many may believe, a staggering 93% of new home buyers are choosing to work with a REALTOR®. Why? Because they value the expertise and guidance offered by professionals during this often complex journey.

One crucial aspect that REALTORs® insists on is the importance of home inspections. It’s a common misconception that new homes don’t need inspection. But no matter how shiny and flawless your new home may appear, we always recommend conducting a thorough home inspection. Phase inspections, if possible, add another layer of protection for your investment. They go beyond the basic city inspections required by builders, ensuring that no stone is left unturned when it comes to safeguarding your interests.

When it comes to new constructions, the term ‘upgrade’ might confuse many buyers. That’s because what is considered an upgrade varies significantly from one builder to another. For instance, one builder may include a sod-laid backyard as a standard feature, while another might categorize it as an upgrade. Therefore, understanding and navigating through the maze of upgrades and finishes can be a daunting task, further emphasizing the need for professional assistance.

Appliances, too, add to the variations you’ll find in new constructions. With some builders, you may receive a complete appliance package — a ready-to-use kitchen waiting for you in your new home. Yet, with others, you might find only a dishwasher and oven installed, leaving you with the task of purchasing additional appliances like a fridge or washer/dryer. Here again, an experienced real estate team can guide you through these differences, ensuring a smooth and less stressful home-buying journey.

So, given the complexities and potential challenges in buying a new home, it’s no surprise that the vast majority of buyers are choosing to work with a REALTOR®. The question now is, would you prefer buying a brand-new home or a resale one? We would love to hear your thoughts, so please feel free to comment below. After all, our mission is to help make your dream home a reality.

Remember to always seek out a professional when buying a new construction home. It not only protects your interests but also makes the process of buying your dream home a more enjoyable experience.