What Real Estate Agents Won’t Tell You

What Real Estate Agents Won’t Tell You

Here’s what real estate agents won’t tell you.

Real estate prices can go down. Like any quality asset, Real Estate also experiences fluctuations, with prices rising and falling over time. It’s important to do your own research and understand the local market conditions before making any decisions.

An agent may promise to get you the highest price for your home.
but what they don’t tell you
That it’s important to remember that the ultimate sale price is determined by the buyer and the current market conditions.

An agent can help you set a fair and competitive price, but they can’t control the market.

The commission is non-negotiable.
While it’s true that most agents are paid through commission, this doesn’t mean that the commission is non-negotiable. It’s always worth asking if the commission can be reduced or if there are any other flexible terms.

Remember that your real estate agent is there to help you, so find a trusted and reputable real estate agent that could guide you in the right direction.