The Millionaire Cheat Code

The Millionaire Cheat Code


Ok, here’s exactly how to become a millionaire through real estate using zero – that’s right – zero dollars of your own money.

You can literally be broke and this could work – if you work it right.

I’ve done this numerous times, when I was broke and even today.

The key is understanding something called a “rare and valuable” skill. Flipping burgers is neither rare nor valuable, so that’s why it makes minimum wage.

So what’s this gotta do with you becoming a millionaire through real estate?

The rare and valuable skills are:
1.) being able to find incredible deals – deals so good that other people will put up all of the down payment, all
of the repair money, all of the closing costs – everything,
and split the profits with you)

2.) being able to network with a lot of people in your market.

3.) And be able to communicate how good you are at finding deals.

Do those three things, find great deals, split it with people who have money but lack those rare and valuable skills, and you can do unlimited deals. And set your life for success.