Discover SoMa’s Culinary Gem: Swanky Movida Lounge

Discover SoMa’s Culinary Gem: Swanky Movida Lounge

Welcome to the heart of San Francisco’s SoMa district where the Swanky Movida Lounge has opened its doors, offering a unique blend of Persian and Mexican cuisines. Located at 555 2nd St., this restaurant-meets-lounge is the talk of the town for its innovative menu and stylish atmosphere.

Unique Fusion Cuisine:

Movida Lounge stands out with its small but mighty menu that masterfully combines Mexican and Persian flavors. Signature dishes include halibut in a jade-green aguachile, tostadas with a crispy tahdig base topped with beef birria and sumac, and a fried poblano filled with a savory mix of rice, spiced lamb, and queso Oaxaca. Each dish offers a vivid and nuanced flavor that is as delightful as it is unique.

Cocktails & Ambiance:

Beyond the food, Movida Lounge boasts an array of unusual savory cocktail combinations like mezcal with carrot juice and chiles, enhancing your dining experience. The lounge’s elevated DJ booth and stylish space provide a swanky backdrop for an unforgettable evening.


Visit Swanky Movida Lounge for a taste of innovation in the heart of SoMa. Whether you’re in for the unique fusion cuisine or the vibrant nightlife atmosphere, Movida promises an experience that’s as compelling as it is chic.